Sunday, 24 August 2014

Puppy party.

It's bank holiday weekend and as (most of) the nation prepares for a much needed day off work tomorrow, I spent the day dog-sitting.

My work organised a VIP day at the Superbikes in Cadwell - all inclusive bar, food and up close and personal in the Yamaha tent. As much as I love watching bikes whizz around a track 400 times in succession (does my sarcasm translate well in text?), I decided to sit it out. One of my colleagues Lisa, really wanted to go but she had no-one to look after her puppy Lola. Naturally I volunteered for the sake of karma.

Lola isn't even a year old yet and I completely forgot how much energy puppies have! We got Skye when she was about one so, luckily, she wasn't too much of a handful. Lola on the other hand..... well. She seemed obsessed with cuddling up to Skye and kept trying to lie beside her. After a few 'hairy' moments, Skye seemed to succumb and go along with it. She's a good egg really and has the patience of a saint. I actually quite enjoyed walking around the woods in what will probably be the last of the British sunshine. The temperature has dropped considerably and rumour has it that rain is on its way and ready to stay. It's no great surprise really - the weather usually starts to become unpredictable towards the end of August. Roll on autumn.

I guess you could say that my day has been uber-productive. I managed to watch Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2, Cinderella Story and Legally Blonde...... all because I lost the Sky remote for six hours. Okay, so maybe not that productive but at least I managed to get up early and make use of the day. I'm known for hating mornings and quite happily letting them pass by - total night owl.

The parking debacle has taken a change in direction if nothing else. After my note being on the car for several days, the girl in question eventually came to her car whilst I was in the living room earlier. She seemed to be taking a lifetime to reverse out so I was convinced she was reading the note. Upon further inspection from the upstairs window, it appears that she drove off with it still on the windscreen. There is literally no helping some people. Anyway, as per routine, she hasn't returned at all today so my guess is that she is a girlfriend from afar and visits every other week.

After taking Lola back to Lisa's this evening, I noticed that yet another car was parked over their drive way. My cries of hallelujah were, however, extremely short-lived as the car has now moved outside our house. For one split second, I actually thought they had got the message. No such luck.

God I love the human race and my awful intolerance. I hope you guys had a nice relaxed Sunday!


Steve Reed said...

LOL -- I think she was deliberately ignoring your note, sad to say.

Ms. Moon said...

This is why I live where I do- fewer humans to annoy the hell out of me.