Thursday, 28 August 2014

Baking dramas and dull days.

Before I go any further, can we just talk about the absolute television gold that occurred last night on The Great British Bake Off?

After a highly fraught technical challenge involving Tiramisu, emotions were running high as the contestants embarked on a round featuring Baked Alaska. After hours of slaving away over sponge and meringue, they were faced with the unenvious task of setting their ice cream on a boiling hot summer's day. One of my personal favourites - the lovely Irish Iain, looked as though he was doing quite well....... until the sinister Diana 'accidentally' removed his ice cream from the freezer, leaving it out on the hot worktop. Needless to say, complete drama ensued and Twitter appeared to go absolutely crazy. I've even seen a couple of ice bucket challenges in aid of 'Justice for Iain'. Throughout it all, even after the utter condemnation of Paul and Mary, he still held his own and refused to even mention that it was Diana's fault. I did try and find a clip of Diana's stealth ice cream attack but all I could find was the aftermath - equally as humorous though.

You have to laugh - we've seen wars, terrorist attacks and racist outcries yet nothing captures the nation quite as much as a sabotaged Baked Alaska. God bless Britain and its priorities!

Edit: I just read on the BBC website that Diana has now voluntarily left the show due to 'medical reasons'. Drama drama.

Anyway, back to reality. Today was one of those days that seemed to drag on relentlessly - completely uneventful and completely dull. Work is starting to pick up as the school admin assistants are starting to return after summer. I'm sure that you can tell by my tone how excited I am...

I did however treat myself to an hour's nap and a pizza tonight. I never partake in either of those things (especially the nap) so things really must have been dull.

I'm just hoping that the weekend picks up at least!


Ms. Moon said...

I have given up caring about any of the reality shows as well as what's going on in the world. I'm not sure what I'm interested in these days.
My feelings, I suppose, which is utterly boring, even to me.
Ah lah.

Steve Reed said...

I thought it was unfair that they asked Iain to leave. I don't know why they didn't keep him on given the circumstances, because it really wasn't his fault that the dessert failed. On the other hand, as I'm sure you've seen, one of the judges said Iain's ice cream was only out of the freezer for about 40 seconds -- not enough to make a huge difference. And finally, I suspect that Diana -- who I really liked -- was actually removed from the show because of what she did. But I could be wrong.

fmcgmccllc said...

I have taken a weeks vacation to stay at home, and I am embarrassed to say . . I spent most of it taking a nap. Thank God spouse is making pizza this weekend.