Saturday, 23 August 2014

he hath risen.

Oh, hello there. Please don't be too shocked at seeing me on your blog-feed once again (if I'm still on any!), I've just been slightly useless at posting lately.

The reason being is that I've been trying to keep a written journal over the past few months; I bought a new Moleskine, some new pens and was determined to commit. I suppose I did in a way and I managed to write on most nights for the best part of three months. In the end, as much as I hate to admit it, I began to struggle in finding time (I'm so tired most nights after work and it's easy to forget just how long it takes to physically write a journal entry in comparison to typing one). I actually have a callous on my middle finger now which makes me feel very highbrow but I'm only human and it started to bore me. I mean you should write because you want to, not because you have to. Needless to say, I've knocked it on the head but promised myself to still physically write in my journal whenever I feel the urge or when a major life event occurs (whatever that may be). I hate myself for being a product of the modern age!

Nothing that major has happened since I last posted (probably another reason why I struggled to commit pen to paper). Summer kind of appeared for a few weeks but now seems to have disappeared once again as per tradition in this fickle weathered country. I'm not going to complain, I make no secret of the fact that I generally detest summer and feel far more comfortable during autumn/winter. Woe is me! We had a beautiful Supermoon here last week and I spent hours setting up the camera and waiting for the clouds to clear. I wasn't hugely thrilled with the results but the image above is probably the best one I got. I really do love night photography and I'm making it my mission over the new month or so to try out some new things. It's just so hard to get great results in poor light.

We holidayed in Egypt again back in July. Some of you may remember that we previously visited Egypt during winter but this time we decided to try our luck in summer. Big mistake. Think of the hottest day you could ever imagine, multiply it by ten and then imagine enduring it 24/7 for ten days. That's what it was like and it didn't seem to make a blind bit of difference whether it was night or day. Despite not being a fan of summer, I do quite like hot whether when I'm holiday (it's the different mindset that does it) so I actually very much enjoyed it. Adam on the other hand is quite a sensitive soul - he likes to think he's a sun baby but in reality he struggles and always manages to wind up with some kind of phantom heat rash whenever we go abroad. Needless to say, we survived and it was nice to just have ten days in the sun, not having to worry about anything and sipping all-inclusive cocktails. We didn't even have the sheer trauma of visiting the pyramids this time so the holiday felt very relaxed.

Now I'm sitting here watching a documentary on TLC about Stevie Nicks (major idol!) and contemplating venturing into Lincoln city centre to pick up a few things. I've actually just placed a note on one of the new neighbours' cars that seems hellbent on parking outside of our house and preventing us from parking. Despite this, they have a perfectly fine space of their own at the other end of the street. The mind boggles with some people - I think common sense is a dying trait. I do feel a bit dirty doing the whole 'note on car' thing and I would normally knock on the door but I've never even said hello - I don't want to be rude after all, I just want to give them the heads up that it causes issues for the end houses and I don't really want to make a huge thing of it. After all, some people don't realise there's a problem until you tell them (annoyingly). Even the new people over the road are already aware of it; after just two minutes of introducing myself, they asked who the car belongs to. It actually rarely moves so I'll probably be in for a long wait but I'll keep you posted. I'm just hoping that they aren't homicidal...


Ms. Moon said...

It's so nice to see you again! To know that all is well. I have missed your so very unique voice.
Thanks for coming back!

fmcgmccllc said...

Missed you.

Steve Reed said...

Hey, Wayne! So glad you're back! I was glad to see you pop up again in blogland. Don't hate yourself for being a product of the modern age -- I used to keep a written journal for many, many years, but I find that my online blog serves just the same purpose. It's merely a different format.

I have not been to Egypt but I can imagine it's hell in summer. (I lived in Morocco for a couple of years -- so I know!)

I thought the supermoon was a bit of a bust, actually. So much hoopla over a mildly brighter, almost imperceptibly larger moon.