Friday, 5 September 2014


I love that sound.

The sound of total silence that signals the end of the working week. Boy did I long for it this week - it has been pure hell.

I came home late last night, wanting nothing more than a shower and a duvet, only to find that Adam had invited friends over before a night on the town. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party as much as the next person but I usually like to be given a head's up. Oh, and preferably not midweek. Being ever polite, I said hi to the few that had already arrived, cooked my tea and headed on upstairs. Next thing I know, I'm being harassed by drunken people, running up and down the stairs shouting 'Hi Wayne'. I don't even know these people and it riled me. Anyway, a few harsh words have been exchanged between us over the past day and I've been chastised for being anti-social ever since. I can live with that; after all, it wouldn't be far wrong. We can't all be the same - there isn't enough solitude to go around us all.

Amidst the chaos, work has made me chuckle somewhat today. There is something about a frantic period that brings colleagues together. You're all suffering the same way and it's as if you all search for common ground. That common ground is almost always humour. I've spoken with clueless dinner ladies, scatty school business managers, angry parents and I even found myself trying to convince a child to pass the phone to their 'mummy'. Though tiring tumultuous and unrelenting, the humour always manages to shine through. I'm exhausted yet I'm happy - life could be worse.

Adam has the weekend off and, provided we actually start communicating, it will be spent recharging, forcing out this nasty head cold and hopefully grabbing a nice relaxed coffee or two in town. I really should start thinking about going down to Cambridge to see my Dad - he turned 60 last week and I haven't seen him in a while. I do worry about him down there on his own but from what I've heard, he is starting to get back into his old social routine that was left behind when he met his last partner. I've said it countless times but I really do think that leaving her was one of the best things he has ever done - it's just a shame that it caused such a major upheaval in his life (moving back, buying a new house etc etc). I do hate the fact that I live so far away and I've always said that I would move back down south in a heartbeat but it isn't just my life I'm affecting any more, there's Adam's and therefore by default, his family's. Who knows, maybe someday?

I have time I guess and, for now, life is good.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Today happened.

My predictions were correct - today was what can only be described as 'a right 'mare'.

As soon as I got into work, people pounced with inane questions (most of which they could have answered themselves) and my inbox was crammed. Top it off with ridiculous arguments between team members, countless HR issues and directors requesting stats with an hour's notice. Every time I'm feeling down, I remind myself that there are countless people out there who would kill to have a job right now and suddenly, it all seems that bit easier. I'm lucky, really lucky.

I also think I'm coming down with something. My throat feels like a meat grinder and some little red bumps have appeared at the back of my mouth. Add to that the lack of air getting through my nose and occasional light headedness and you pretty much have the full picture. Just my luck; I NEVER get ill. Never.

God I'm whingey and whiney tonight. Bore off Wayne.

With the few hours I've had to myself this evening, I've perused Ebay and purchased some more Bath and Bodyworks pocket bacs. I'm obsessed with hand sanitizers (I have them everywhere - work, the car, kitchen, bathroom) and I've been meaning to see what autumnal ones I could get my hands on for a while now. It's so frustrating as the ones I want are normally unavailable and you can't buy Bath and Bodyworks for love nor money in the UK. I almost flipped when I saw some for sale in Egypt of all places. You'd think that they had managed to get to our shores by now.

Anyway, on that note I'm going to double check that I've done everything I was meant to do, hop on up to bed and pray that my throat isn't any worse in the morning. Sod's law ay? What an irritating concept.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school.

(The sky was mesmerising this evening)

Today wasn't as bad as anticipated. Yes, the phones were busy and yes, I was on my feet a lot of the time but I don't feel too exhausted. In fact, it felt like more of a 'oh, where's the time gone?' rather than 'god, this day is dragging'. To be honest, I'm expecting tomorrow and Wednesday to be sheer hell as that is when the majority of schools return. 

A few people have commented lately asking what my job is - well I'm customer service manager for the company that provides a certain cow-based product to all UK educational establishments (that was my poor attempt at being cryptic in order to avoid the company's Google alerts). I'm sure it's clear enough for you clever people. Either way, all you need to know is that term time is busy, busy, busy.

I came home slightly earlier than planned to find Adam fretting over the fact that he appears to have spent more than usual on the weekly shop. Personally, I don't get the big deal as long as it isn't over £100 or something but I'm kind of particular over what brands I prefer. I'm all for saving but if it tastes like crap then I'd rather pay more for something I'll enjoy. Adam, however, isn't quite like that and he constantly tries to trick me into going to Lidl or Aldi or suchlike. Over my dead body - those places are warehouses for the walking dead. I really don't want to have to Google my food in order to figure out what it is....

I'm determined to get a good night's sleep tonight if it's the last thing I do. I was woken ridiculously early this morning by the mother-in-law having a small panic attack over picking up Skye for the day. When we're both at work, Caroline often looks after her (if she had her way, she'd have her all the time) but she usually manages to turn it into a bigger deal than it actually is. The plan this morning was that she was going to come and get her around 10 o'clock after I'd gone to work. No such luck; she tried to rearrange plans and when I told her that it would be okay and that I'd just check on her at lunch instead, she started getting anxious and in the end cancelled her 'appointment' and came to pick her up. The mind boggles but it was definitely a waste of 30 minutes, I'll tell you that much.

And so, our beloved hound is still at Caroline's, my lunch is prepared and it's now cool enough to sleep comfortably with the windows closed. So help me god - I will sleep well tonight!