Sunday, 2 September 2012

A relaxing Sunday.

The garden looked particularly colourful today. It isn't a huge backyard but it's ours, tended by our creative hands and I love it. It's just such a shame that we have to keep that awful netting over the raised bed on the left because the neighbourhood cats seem hellbent on using it as their personal litter tray. We had such big plans for it too.

Summer seems to be clinging on for dear life. I say Summer yet, in reality, the only sunny warm weather that we have experienced occurred way back in April and then again on and off for the past week or so. The actual duration of 'Summer' itself consisted of torrential Autumn-like downpours and clouds; lots and lots of clouds. I guess I shouldn't be surprised having lived here for the past 23 years but it still makes me insanely jealous reading your blogs and hearing about the tropical climates in the far reaches of Australia, Florida, Texas and Japan. One thing I do hold dear when it comes to the crazy Northern European weather is that you never quite know what you are going to get. At risk of completely crucifying a well loved Forrest Gump quote - life really is like a box of chocolates.

The fact that the topic of weather has crept stealthily into this blog post may provide the hint that I haven't really been up to much this weekend. Despite a lot of relaxation in preparation for a manic week of 12 hour days at work, all we've really done is watch films, do some housework and pop out occasionally to peruse a few local shops.

I came terrifyingly close to buying an iPad today during an impromptu trip to Curry's and if they hadn't known better, anyone would think that Adam was on their payroll. He already has an iPad of his own but he is constantly trying his best to guilt-trip me into treating myself. The trouble is, I'm one of those annoyingly practical people that has to find at least 5 valid, practical reasons before I can justify purchasing anything. Needless to say, after 20 minutes of umming and ahhing, I forced myself to leave before I made any hasty decisions. I love my Macbook and I also have an iPhone - I just can't think why I would ever need an iPad. Maybe I'm just stubborn? I prefer the term sensible.

The trip wasn't completely void of fruits though; I bought a laptop table to match the lounge furniture - something I've been meaning to get for a long, long time. There have many near misses in the past with my beloved Macbook balanced precariously on my knee so it's nice to now have a solid table top on which to scour the interwebs.

The ferrets (yes, I'm one of those people) came away with a new tunnel too. I'm constantly on the look out to find new things to keep them occupied; they're like hyperactive children, permanently moving from one thing to the next and it takes all of my effort just keeping them engaged. I attempted to teach them to beg earlier; Fez mastered it well though I soon gave up on Moomin - I think she has some kind of learning disorder...

Aside from my uneventful weekend, I'm having so much fun surfing around and discovering an abundance of new blogs. Like I say, I've posted a lot in the past in various guises but I've never really attempted to reach out and get involved properly. I've read so many posts over the past few days; happy, sad, anxious, informative, abstract, poetic and it has really helped to open my eyes. I've also received some extremely kind comments on a few of my own posts and I whole heartedly look forward to discovering more hidden gems.

I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Sunday and that the start of the new week holds well.


Ms. Moon said...

Ferrets? Well, they are cute.
Your garden is beautiful! Truly, it is. You two are obviously very creative.
And look- don't be too jealous. Yes, it's warm and sunny here but when I say "warm" I actually mean hot enough to kill you and the mosquitoes are Biblical in their plague-like numbers. And my poison ivy is killing me. So.
Don't feel bad talking about the weather. It's the human default topic of conversation.

Hillary said...

You should come to Arizona if you pine for sun. It is summer here til October, and by then I am really angry about the whole deal.

You know, it took me so long to figure out that part of blogging is actually connecting with others. You are very wise to be already on the path to friendship with so many of your fellow bloggers.

Steve Reed said...

LOL. Ms Moon cracks me up.

This HAS been a weird summer weather-wise, hasn't it? So much rain. Sheesh.

I'm with you on the iPad thing. My partner has been hinting -- well, not so much hinting as outright stating -- that he wants one. I just don't see a need. We both have MacBooks (in fact we each have two, one for work and one for home) and iPhones. Isn't that enough??

A kid I knew growing up had a ferret. He tried to sell it to me, but my mom quite sensibly said no.

Elizabeth said...

I drove on the highway today in southern California -- land of perpetual gorgeous weather and blue, blue skies, but to the east there were ominous smoke plumes coming from the Angeles mountains -- and an indicator that fire season is upon us. I'd love a rainy day right about now, to tell you the truth! I believe the grass truly is greener there!

Lo said...

Hi, dear.....thanks for your kind words on my blog......I am SO glad you found me and plan to return.

On the same subject, I am glad I found YOU.........your garden is gorgeous and I adore ferrets. Wish I could have a few but the cats, birds, possums and raccoons are already too much for me.

I'll be back.

Wayne said...

Ms Moon - Why thank you, though I can't take too much credit for the garden as it is mostly Adam's domain. Your attempts at making me feel better regarding our abismal weather somewhat worked but to be honest, part of me is still a bit curious!

Hillary - I think it's just human nature - the grass is always greener as they say! & I am loving the 'connecting', so much fun!

Steve Reed - Definitely the worst Summer I can remember, so miserable ... and Winter will probably be awful too. I'm still holding out on the iPad ... knowing me though, I will probably give in. You totally missed out on the ferret, they're funny little creatures.

Elizabeth - As I said to others, I think we're all guilty of 'greener grass' syndrome. Can't hurt to wish though - after all, isn't that what makes us strive in life?

Lo - Hey, I'm so glad you popped by! I personally think a ferret will fit in well there .... I'd fear for the birds though :)

Lizzie said...

So pleased I found your lovely blog. Hello! Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my Olympic poem. I love the way you write on here. It's poked me a little. I definitely needed a poke! I realise how much I love interacting with bloggers on here. I must write more, and I'll definitely be back to read more from you.

Ellie said...

Poor Moomin! ;-)

Your garden is beautiful! Small is sometimes better. You can concentrate your efforts.