Friday, 31 August 2012

Feet-up Friday.

What a lovely, unexpected surprise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Friday and hope you all have too.

Adam is currently out tearing up Lincoln with some work colleagues so, whilst I have the rare opportunity of having the house to myself, I'm going to relax by watching some old horror films. He and I are the definition of 'opposites attract' and I would never be able to tempt him into watching any of my films for love nor money. I'm just as much a fan of modern day effects as the next person but there is something about black and white cinematography that truly charms me -  I love how it relies solely on atmosphere and plot to grab the viewer. I'm an old soul at heart and it's the simple elements that please me.

Monday is the start of the September onslaught at work as all the schools return from their summer break. Somehow, I predict that this weekend will consist of lots of relaxing - not that the miserable weather will tempt me otherwise.


Ms. Moon said...

My love and I are complete opposites in almost every way and yet, twenty-nine years together and we are still very much in love.
Time changes everything but I will tell you this- it does not have to change hearts.
Enjoy your times together and alone.
And congratulations on your award!

Butternut Squash said...

Congratulations Wayne!

I was looking at your comment on another blog and stopped by to see what you do. Peace

Wayne said...

Ms Moon - I think it keeps life exciting and prevents you from being too much in each other's pockets.

Butternut Squash - Thank you & many thanks for stopping by :)

liv said...

Congratulations, Wayne, that's a keeper!
You do impress me as an old soul and I can so relate to enjoying the "simple elements" of life.

I haven't got an "Adam"...but I am so glad you DO :) Treasure him!
And enjoy your weekend xx

Steve Reed said...

My partner and I are the same way with movies -- he likes sci-fi and explosions, and I like quirky old films and indy films and dramas. I think "opposites attract" is healthy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)