Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Taking stock.

Life is good these days.

Of course, I still manage the occasional grumble; either certain things fail to go my way or I find myself frustrated at the fact I'm not managing to tick off life's checklist fast enough. I'd say that I need to pull myself together but considering that 99% of the human population experiences these same frustrations, I think I'm doing just fine.

Speaking of life's 'checklist', I've been forcing myself to stop and take note of just how lucky I am to be in the position that I'm in lately. These days, with the ever increasing whirlwind that is modern-day living, we tend to find ourselves dwelling on what we don't have rather than recognising the importance of everything we take for granted. Despite the current economic downturn, I have been lucky enough to attend university and graduate from a course I loved. On top of this, I have managed to secure a graduate position with a fantastic company before leaving and have now held this down for almost two years. Not only that but, thanks to several amazing opportunities, I have experienced not one but two promotions during those two years.

Now I'm not a religious person (and by no means take this as a sign that I'm about to take up the cross) but if I was, I would most certainly say that someone has definitely been looking down on little ol' me. My fateful side would like to think that it's my dear mother's guiding hand, taken too soon but always with me. In fact, I much prefer that explanation so let's stick with it.

I have my own car, enough income to live comfortably without scrimping and I am blessed enough to share my first little home with a partner who loves me. My relationship with my father couldn't be better and I drive back down to my hometown often to visit him.

Written down, this all seems pretty fantastic and I'm willing to bet a small fortune that, no matter how bad your current situation may seem, you'll be pleasantly surprised if you do the same. Having said that, isn't it funny how the majority of us seem to meander through life feeling sorry for ourselves when, in reality, we have so much to be thankful for?

Now before anyone points out the obvious, I'm not completely away with the fairies and I'm certainly not naive enough to forget that yes, there are people out there who may not have such things in their lives. In fact, it is those people who have all the more reason to take stock of how wonderful their lives are in so many different ways. Possessions may not always be material - whether it is the love of someone special, the support of our families or even just good health; we always have something to be thankful for.

It all seems pretty simple when you think about it like that; I just wish that we could somehow instill that mantra inside those negative souls we encounter day to day and suddenly, the world may start to seem a somewhat better place.

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