Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Small traumas.

I only ever seem to blog whenever I have something witty or pressing to divulge. I put this down to the idea that no-one cares about my somewhat mundane life. Having said that, last night as I lay drifting off to sleep, I suddenly had the epiphany that I should be blogging for myself regardless. I'm one of those people that is constantly thinking about something, pondering, wondering. Having an outlet does help in curbing it (I'll admit that much) so, even if it is just for my own mental sanity and love of sleep, you'll probably be hearing a lot more of the minutiae of my everyday tribulations.

Both myself and Adam have been off work this week. We never really get time off together due to his ridiculous shift patterns (the joys of care work) and work was starting to get on my last nerve so we booked the week off. Spur of the moment and all that.

We travelled to a little family-owned animal park in Yorkshire yesterday for a meerkat and owl experience that Adam discovered online. Everything about it was fantastic so I'll upload a post on that once I have the photos sorted. For now, I'll leave you with Adam avec a bored looking owl.

I encountered a small trauma this morning (depending on what you would deem a trauma to be). As you probably know by now, Google Reader has finally been discontinued leaving users with no other option than to seek out an alternative feed reader. Personally, I cannot think of any online service I use more than Google Reader. I check it every morning for new blog/news posts, I peruse it on breaks at work and finally sit down with it each evening whilst relaxing. Fundamentally, it is how I keep up to date with all you wonderful people.

To cut a long story short, I spent a good hour investigating the different services outlined in this post before finally settling with Feedly. It looks nice, has a good iPhone/iPad app (essential for me) and is probably the closest to how Google Reader functioned. It just meant I had to sift through all the blogs I follow and rename them again - I'm pedantic when it comes to the fact that each blog must have the author's name as a prefix.

I suppose I'll know in the next few days if I have any problems with it but I'll happily welcome any suggestions from you guys regarding which blog readers are worth a look. I doubt I'll have much else to do - I mean, it isn't like it hasn't stopped raining for the past month week...


Ms. Moon said...

Adam is mighty cute.
I like Feedly okay so far. It's like anything- we'll adjust.
May the sun come out and shine on you. And I always enjoy your posts.

Steve Reed said...

People blog for all kinds of reasons, of course, but I think blogging for yourself makes perfect sense. I blog to reflect and keep track of my own life, as much for me as for anyone else. Personally, I like reading about the minutiae of other people's lives!