Friday, 5 July 2013

Only if your name isn't Tyler.

What a dull, boring day. A very hot and sunny day but boring nonetheless.

I'm really not cut out for this 'being off work' lark. I've come to the self realisation that I'm one of those people; the type that would rather be a slave to the wage than dossing around the comfort of their own home. I suppose I like the structure, the routine - the idea that I'm making myself useful (to someone anyway). Maybe I should join the military? Maybe not.

Have any of you guys seen the segment on 'This Morning' from yesterday that has gone viral? Katie Hopkins (ex-apprentice candidate that famously told Lord Sugar that she did not want to be hired and now makes a name for herself being controversial and occasionally obnoxious) argues the point that she judges parents based on their children's names. Naturally everyone is shocked and appalled. It is all over the papers, TV, web and Facebook (obviously). Holly Willoughby, the nation's sweetheart has done well out of it - defending the working class and batting her eyelids. Katie on the other hand is pretty much being chased out of the country with burning pitchforks. That's what happens when you choose primetime morning television to air your views folks.

Obviously I don't agree with her and I'm more offended at how incapable she seems to be when it comes to arguing an opinion but I'd be lying if I said I didn't mentally judge parents when I hear them shouting their children's names. I'm always open to being proven wrong and would never treat any human being differently but I would definitely still make that silent judgement - as would the majority of the population. To say that you would go to the extremes of preventing your own children from playing with them however, is just absurd. I mean my own name, Wayne, would most likely be deemed as sounding 'lower class'. She personifies everything that is wrong with the right-wing upper-middle class and the video is well worth a watch, if only for the reactions.

Besides that and watching Adam mow the neighbours' lawns this morning, it has been an extremely slow and monotonous day. Maybe tomorrow will bring further excitement?

Have a great night everyone!


Ms. Moon said...

What an incredibly obnoxious bitch!

Steve Reed said...

I didn't watch the whole thing, but good grief, that's silly -- to think some kid hasn't done his homework just because he's named Tyler. (What's wrong with Tyler, anyway?)

Do you think this shows that Britain in general still struggles with questions of class, or do you think it shows merely that this woman is an idiot?