Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Today happened.

My predictions were correct - today was what can only be described as 'a right 'mare'.

As soon as I got into work, people pounced with inane questions (most of which they could have answered themselves) and my inbox was crammed. Top it off with ridiculous arguments between team members, countless HR issues and directors requesting stats with an hour's notice. Every time I'm feeling down, I remind myself that there are countless people out there who would kill to have a job right now and suddenly, it all seems that bit easier. I'm lucky, really lucky.

I also think I'm coming down with something. My throat feels like a meat grinder and some little red bumps have appeared at the back of my mouth. Add to that the lack of air getting through my nose and occasional light headedness and you pretty much have the full picture. Just my luck; I NEVER get ill. Never.

God I'm whingey and whiney tonight. Bore off Wayne.

With the few hours I've had to myself this evening, I've perused Ebay and purchased some more Bath and Bodyworks pocket bacs. I'm obsessed with hand sanitizers (I have them everywhere - work, the car, kitchen, bathroom) and I've been meaning to see what autumnal ones I could get my hands on for a while now. It's so frustrating as the ones I want are normally unavailable and you can't buy Bath and Bodyworks for love nor money in the UK. I almost flipped when I saw some for sale in Egypt of all places. You'd think that they had managed to get to our shores by now.

Anyway, on that note I'm going to double check that I've done everything I was meant to do, hop on up to bed and pray that my throat isn't any worse in the morning. Sod's law ay? What an irritating concept.


Ms. Moon said...

May you feel better tomorrow.

Steve Reed said...

Hope your throat doesn't get worse!

We don't have Bath & Body Works here? I didn't even know that. I must confess I just buy bar soap. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm just now slowly getting back to my normal self after a sore throat/coughing virus, and it took nearly two weeks! Be well -- and thanks for your recent kind comments on my blog. I look forward to catching up here!

Wayne said...

Ms Moon - Thankyou! I'm feeling slightly better.

Steve - No we don't, it upsets me. I'm a sucker for smelly things!

Elizabeth - Hey! Thanks for stopping by :) Not a problem at all. I love your blog and you're doing an amazing job - you deserve to know that.