Saturday, 9 March 2013


It is only fitting that a week as stressful as this one has ended in a crescendo of drizzle and gloom. For many this would probably only aid in further dampening the mood but I, for one, am a lover of rain. The refreshing pitter patter of raindrops against windows, washing away the week's problems is the perfect source of calm.

The doors are locked, the lamps are on and we do not intend to move out of the comforting warmth for the duration of the day. Happy Saturday one and all.


Ms. Moon said...

Stay cozy. Stay warm.

Steve Reed said...

I agree -- a rainy day inside is a wonderful thing. I love your table, by the way, and that bowl is cool too.

Mikey F. said...

Happy Sunday.. I also love the feeling of staying cozily at home while it rains outside.

(Loving your words).

Charlotte | Charlotte's Web said...

Your dog is gorgeous, and you write beautifully xx