Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The perfect getaway.

It appears as though I have been missing in action for the past few weeks.

Work has been so stressful lately, ridiculously stressful in fact. At times it feels as though I am underwater, shouting at the top of my lungs but all anyone can see are the frantic bubbles and an abundance of flailing. I've managed to develop a coping mechanism though; I step outside for a minute or two, remind myself that I am not paid anymore for worrying and suddenly, everything seems right with the world - even if only for the remainder of the day.

It doesn't help that the weather has now fully taken a turn for the worse and nosedived straight into the darkest depths of Autumn. I hate how you can never second guess the seasons like you can elsewhere in the world and it seems as though Autumn 2012 is going to solely consist of rain and arctic winds.

I've been speaking with my Father via periodic phone calls. The oracle has diagnosed 'something to look forward to' as the cure to my worries. I suppose he is half right; sometimes we do not even notice that we have descended into a mundane routine and often, when we do finally pay attention, it's too late to turn back.

Needless to say, we booked a trip to Egypt yesterday so, all being well, come November 3rd I'll be lying on the sun-kissed beaches of Naarma Bay. Though I hate to admit it, it's definitely what I need and I've been kicking myself lately that I haven't pulled my finger out and attempted to see the world whilst I still can. Since I was just out of nappies collecting 'Wally's History of the World', I've always wanted to jet off and see the pyramids so I'm glad that Adam has finally plucked up the courage on my behalf and forced me to go.

Until then, I'll remember to breathe and attempt to make the most of my weekends; I've been all too happy wasting my Saturdays and Sundays lazing around the house lately and, though it seems like a good idea at the time, it depresses me come Monday morning and someone asks the dreaded question....

'Did you have a nice weekend?'

God I hate those words.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh yes. Go. It will be wonderful!

Steve Reed said...

We all need a change from time to time, and it sounds like Egypt will be a refreshing change for you! I agree about the weather -- what is up with all this rain and wind? (Fortunately today looks nice.) You can have a nice weekend lazing around the house, you know! Sometimes we all need a little inactivity and time to recharge!